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Jennifer Morris

Assistant Project Coordinator - AESHA Project

Jennifer Morris, Assistant Project Coordinator for the AESHA Project, works collaboratively with team members to conduct interviews, screen new participants, train staff, and manage the research office. Her primary focus is coordinating outreach efforts for follow-up and recruitment. Jennifer feels in her element out on the streets liaising with the women, the community, and service providers. She believes that building rapport and education around harm reduction in all capacities can make a difference in women’s health and safety. She also works collectively with the nursing team to ensure that all samples have been obtained and any necessary referrals and treatment have been given. She has been a senior staff member at WISH for six years as well as RainCity Housing and other non-profits in Vancouver. These experiences have sculpted her values around sex work policies. She believes strongly in creating safer sex-work spaces and access to health care, harm reduction, and drug treatment services.