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Sherry Wu

Interviewer/ Outreach Worker - AESHA Project

Sherry is an Interviewer/Outreach Worker with a focus on the AESHA cohort of im/migrant women working in formal/informal indoor spaces. Her work with CGSHE involves conducting research interviews, building relationships and distributing harm reduction supplies through routine outreach, and connecting indoor sex workers to community partners and resources to promote their physical and sexual health and occupational safety. Most recently, Sherry is involved in a qualitative project evaluating the impact of current criminalization law of third-parties on the health access and safety of workers. Trained in social work, Sherry places her social location as a humble guest to Indigenous land and a learner and ally within the sex work, HIV, and harm reduction communities. She grounds her practice in social work theories and research ethics, and honors the knowledge and lived experiences of the participants and her interprofessional colleagues in advocating for equitable health access.