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Dr. Mei-ling Wiedmeyer (she/her)

Director of Clinical Practice

Dr. Wiedmeyer is a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC, researcher and director of clinical practice with CGSHE where she leads research and KT transition to practice guidelines and training. She is primary care physician focused on im/migrant health and family planning, having worked at Umbrella Multicultural Health Cooperative, and Elizabeth Bagshaw, Everywoman’s and Willow clinics. In her role with CGSHE/ UBC, she currently advises on development of community health centres as part of primary care reform efforts in BC, and co-chaired a provincial working group developing a proposal for improving care coordination, capacity building, and health status monitoring for refugees in BC. She is PI of the Vancouver Foundation funded IRIS project at CGSHE/UBC and brings research experience on contraception and cervical cancer screening among im/migrant women.