Trainee Research Symposium

We are excited to announce the inaugural Gender & Sexual Health Equity Trainee Research Symposium hosted at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University! Our first symposium takes place on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2 at 12:00pm via Zoom.

CGSHE-affiliated trainees will give 10-minute blitz-style presentations followed by a brief Q&A moderated by SFU Research Fellow & CGSHE Trainee Alice Murage. Talks will be recorded and posted on our website and social media channels, and made available for trainees to promote their work through their networks.

Are you a student, faculty or researcher working in the areas of gender equity, sexual health or reproductive justice? Register to attend our symposium today!

Symposium Program



Talk Title


12:00 pm  

Moderator welcome & land acknowledgement


Alice Murage
SFU Research Fellow
12:05 pm  

Geographic distribution of conversion therapy in Canada


Amrit Tiwana
SFU BSc Student
12:15 pm  

The experiences of nurses during COVID-19 in British Columbia, Canada


Niki Oveisi
UBC PhD Student
12:25 pm  

Sex workers’ access to Government Relief Funds during COVID-19: results of a community-based cohort in Metro Vancouver


Jennie Pearson
UBC PhD Student
12:35 pm  

Investigating the experience of Canadian non-binary individuals in organized sport


Martha Gumprich
SFU MSc Student
12:45 pm  

Experiences of women working in long-term care facilities in British Columbia during COVID-19


Alexande Kozuchowski
SFU Research Assistant
12:55 pm  

Gender, violence, and sex work: Barriers to reporting violence among men and non-binary sex workers under end-demand criminalization


Brett Koenig
UBC MSc Student
1:05 pm  

Moderated Q&A Session


Alice Murage
SFU Research Fellow