Dr. Ruth Lavergne

CGSHE Faculty Member

Dr. Ruth Lavergne is a CGSHE faculty member and an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Dalhousie University. She collaborates as a quantitative co-PI on the CGSHE IRIS study, led by Dr. Shira Goldenberg, which investigates im/migrant women’s needs, priorities, and health and social barriers experienced when accessing or attempting to access sexual and reproductive health care post-arrival in British Columbia. Dr. Lavergne’s program of research aims to address disparities in access and build evidence to ensure primary care organization, delivery, and workforce meet the needs of Canadians now and in the future. Her expertise is in quantitative analysis of population-based administrative health data and use of quasi-experimental designs to examine the impact of policy changes. Dr. Lavergne leads interdisciplinary mixed methods primary care studies in collaboration with experts in qualitative methods, patients, care providers and policymakers. Current work examines changing practice patterns within the physician workforce, focusing on primary care and psychiatry. She also leads research exploring access to primary care for immigrant and refugee populations and integration of care for people who need services for mental health and substance use disorders. She is @ruthlavergne on Twitter.