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Alka Murphy (she/her)

UBC Project Coordinator - AESHA Project

Alka Murphy (she/her) is the UBC Project Coordinator for the AESHA Project – Qualitative/Outreach and Quantitative – at the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity.  She brings two decades of experience in providing and coordinating experiential, harm reduction, and asset-based frontline support services, crisis intervention, and specialized victim services for sex workers. Her expertise includes sexual assault health, safety and prevention; medical, legal, and social services advocacy; community development, outreach, and public education; community-based research; and activism. Alka believes that sex workers are experts in their own experience, and her dedication to social justice drives her to ensure that marginalized and stigmatized populations are given equal access to rights and liberties and provided with non-judgmental care.  Alka is thrilled to work with a multi-disciplinary team that is dedicated to improving health and working conditions for sex workers.