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Priscilla Omulo (she/her)

Project Coordinator - TRIS Project

Priscilla Omulo (she/her) is the Project Coordinator for the TRIS Project with CGSHE at the University of British Columbia.

‘ey’ ska’yel (“good day” in HUL’Q’UMI’NUM’)

A member of the Tsartlip First Nations and a visitor on Kwikwetlem territory, Priscilla has dedicated more than 10 years to frontline work with Indigenous women, children and families. Her education is in psychology with a citation in mental health and addition. Her life is rooted in her traditional and cultural teachings and this includes the way she works with the community. The colonial term of intersectional feminist best describes her way of navigating the systems we are living and working within. Gender, sexual orientation, race and disability all intersect with the forms of oppression faced by many Indigenous, Black and People of Colour as well as LBGTQ2TII folks and those living with disabilities.

Priscilla strives to decolonize her work and life, Indigenize her ways of being and hold herself accountable for her learning and unlearning to support justice. When not working with CGSHE, Priscilla can be found facilitating decolonization and allyship workshops, guest speaking, in ceremony with community and organizing events for social justice. Huy ch q’u.