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Ruth Carrillo (she/her)

UBC Project Coordinator - IRIS Project

Ruth Carillo (she/her) is the UBC Project Coordinator for the IRIS Project at the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity. Ruth is a Mexican woman who came to Canada three years ago. As an immigrant, she knows how difficult the journey and access to health far from one’s hometown can be. That’s why she is committed to working with the im/migrant community in BC to analyze their social and individual factors that shape access to sexual and reproductive health during their stay here in Canada. Ruth believes that research is an important tool for the development and implementation of improvements for immigrant women’s wellbeing and is excited to undertake this with the IRIS project. Ruth brings a strong foundation of organizational and supervision skills to the team, as well as strong community connections through her work with the im/migrant community. Ruth works with Watari to support the physical and emotional needs of Latin American immigrant farm workers who were quarantined by the COVID pandemic, which was an enriching experience by creating a valuable space to encourage workers to defend their rights and to let them know of available community supports. Ruth is deeply committed to justice, equality, and honest representations of the needs of the im/migrant community. She is competing her degree in Marketing Management at BCIT.