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Selamawit Hagos (she/her)

Qualitative Interviewer - IRIS Project

Selamawit Hagos (she/her) is joining the Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity as a qualitative interviewer with the IRIS project. Selamawit is originally from Eritrea and is fluent in Tigrinya, Amharic, and English. She received her higher education in Asmara University in Science and has previously worked on infectious diseases research on topics including malaria and sexually transmitted infections. After leaving Eritrea, Selamawit has lived in different countries in Africa and the Middle East where she supported other Eritrean migrants and refugees. Since arriving in Canada in 2018, Selamawit has been working to support immigrant women and children through the settlement process. Through these opportunities she has developed her skills in problem-solving and support for assisting others from her community. In BC, Selamawit has worked as an interpreter for immigrant mothers and families, and has provided various supports through the HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschoolers and Youngsters) program. Selamawit continues to be an active member of Vancouver’s Eritrean community. She is passionate about the potential for this research to address sensitive issues and challenges faced by her community. Selamawit is particularly excited to be part of a project that addresses the needs of all migrants, regardless of their status in Canada.