Five CGSHE Women Trainees Awarded CIHR Funding!

May 13, 2019   |   Blog

We are so excited to share that CGSHE has five trainees who have received funding support from CIHR for their research work!

Margaret Erickson and Bronwyn McBride have been awarded funding to support their PhD work with CGSHE through the CIHR Doctoral Research Award program.  Margaret is working on the SHAWNA Project evaluating the impact of transitions of incarceration and post-incarceration among women living with HIV. Bronwyn is working with the AESHA Project to examine the impacts of the PCEPA (Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act – previously known as Bill C-36) on health, safety and labour rights of im/migrant sex workers.

Dr. Mei-ling Wiedmeyer and Ariel Sernick have both received CIHR Banting and Best Master’s Awards.  Ariel is a board member of YouthCO Society and is working with the SHAWNA Project at CGSHE on youth voices and experiences living with HIV, in partnership with YouthCO. Dr. Mei-ling Wiedmeyer is a family physician and Clinician Scientist with CGSHE and is also completing her Master’s degree at SFU. Her Master’s research with CGSHE builds on her clinical leadership with im/migrant and refugee women in BC to examine the sexual and reproductive health needs and gaps in care for this community of women through the IRIS Project.

Finally, Elena Argento received a CIHR Postdoctoral Award to look at gaps in science and interventions for overdose prevention for marginalized women who use substances, who are facing social and economic disadvantages.

We are so pleased to see these women in STEM recognized and supported – we couldn’t be prouder of all of our team members and the work we do together to advance sexual health and gender equity.  Congratulations to the five awardees on these well-deserved awards!