Lulu Gurney and Flo Ranville in upcoming film Healing Inner Voices

September 6, 2019   |   Blog

We can’t wait for the upcoming release of the film HIV: Healing Inner Voices, an Indigenous collaborative documentary film produced by Drawing Wisdom. CGSHE’s Lulu Gurney (Peer Research Associate, Qualitative Interviewer, SHAWNA) and Flo Ranville (Community Engagement Associate, Qualitative Interviewer, SHAWNA) were two of eight Indigenous people who collaborated with filmmaker Martin Morberg to produce this documentary exploring “the realities of living with HIV.” Drawing Wisdom says, “This powerful film resounds with resilience, the healing power of Indigenous culture, and most of all the strengths and voices of its makers. Honest and moving, this film will be a tool for healing.” View the trailer and stay tuned for upcoming screenings of the film.