Dr. Mei-ling Wiedmeyer (she/her)

CGSHE Faculty Member

Dr. Mei-ling Wiedmeyer (she/her) is a CGSHE Faculty Member and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is a clinician scientist with the IRIS project at CGSHE, where she contributes to community engagement and knowledge translation activities in research on access to health for im/migrants in BC. She is a primary care physician focused on im/migrant health and family planning, working at the Umbrella Multicultural Health Cooperative, and Elizabeth Bagshaw, Everywoman’s and Willow clinics. Linking her role in the Department of Family Practice at UBC with clinical practice work at CGSHE, she works with FLEX students and collaborates with Dr. Jill Chettiar and Dr. A.J. Lowik, on a project developing a framework for auditing the undergraduate medical curriculum to challenge cisnormativity in medical training. She is @mwiedm on Twitter.