Dr. Troy Grennan (he/him)

CGSHE Faculty Member

Dr. Troy Grennan (he/him) is a CGSHE Faculty Member and Clinical Assistant Professor in Medicine at UBC. His research interests include HIV and STI prevention, HPV-associated disease and anal cancer, and the health of men who have sex with men (MSM). Dr. Grennan received his medical degree from McMaster University. This was followed by internal medicine training at the University of Toronto, infectious diseases and medical microbiology training at McMaster University, a post-doctoral fellowship from the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network and a masters degree in clinical epidemiology from the University of Toronto, where his research project focused on HPV in HIV-positive MSM. Prior to his arrival in BC in January 2015, his work centered mainly around clinical HIV, STI and other infectious diseases, as well as anal cancer screening. He currently works in the anal cancer screening clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital. He is @DrTroyG on Twitter.