Yinong Zhao (she/they)

Research Coordinator & Junior Data Analyst

Yinong (pronounced “ee-known”) Zhao (she/they) is a Research Coordinator and a Junior Data Analyst with the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity. As a research coordinator, Yinong works closely with Dr. Kathleen Deering to support her research activities, including ethics, grant management, manuscript submissions, and trainees. As a Junior Data Analyst, Yinong works directly with Statistician & Database Manager Melissa Braschel to support the database administration and quantitative analysis of research projects housed at the CGSHE.

Previously as a MSc student/CGSHE trainee, Yinong completed a master’s thesis at UBC’s School of Population & Public Health with Dr. Deering, studying the housing situations among the SHAWNA cohort, the social-structural correlates of housing status, and housing’s link to health services access and HIV health outcomes. Yinong has worked with marginalized populations in health care and research settings in the US and Canada; they have also engaged in data analysis and improving systems and workflow. In their spare time, Yinong enjoys mentoring to local middle school students and reading about marginalized populations and science.