Alexander Korzuchowski (he/him)

SFU MPH student

Alexander Korzuchowski (he/him) is a CGSHE-affiliated trainee and a research assistant in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, where he is a Master of Public Health candidate. Under the supervision of CGSHE faculty Dr. Julia Smith, Alex has contributed to the Gender & COVID-19 project, supporting research on the gendered effects of COVID-19 on women working in health care, including how paid and unpaid work intersect with moral distress. At a community level, Alex has supported harm reduction efforts in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, as well pursued opportunities to help support the relocation of LGBTQ/2S refugees. Beyond his graduate degree, Alex hopes to pursue community-based research and program evaluation as a form of transformative justice, exploring how health and well-being can be made more accessible to gender and sexual minorities, as well as drug user communities. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a certificate in Social Justice from SFU.