Alice Murage (she/her)

SFU PhD Student

Alice Murage (she/her) is a CGSHE Trainee and a PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Simon Fraser University working with CGSHE Faculty Dr. Julia Smith. She has a master’s degree in Public Policy from Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt. Her current research focuses on health and social inequities associated with health emergencies, including the COVID-19 pandemic, as a team member of the Pacific Institute on Pathogens, Pandemics and Society. She previously collaborated on the multi-country Gender and COVID-19 Project. Alice has worked with civil society organizations addressing gendered vulnerabilities through research, programming, and fund raising in Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Canada. In her spare time, she actively works towards promoting inclusion through community service. Alice is also facilitating the African Ancestry Project, a research and dialogue project aimed at bringing awareness to the diversity of identities and lived experiences of Black people in BC. She is @AMuragz on Twitter.