Dr. A.J. Lowik (they/them)

UBC Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. A.J. Lowik (they/them) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at UBC working with supervisor Dr. Kate Shannon and Researcher with the Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity. Their work is primarily focused on trans people’s health, and experiences accessing health care, including reproductive and sexual health. They lead the Gender & Sex in Methods and Measurement Research Equity Toolkit project, creating tools for researchers who are interested in the precise, accurate and inclusive mobilization of gender and sex concepts. Dr. Lowik is a Board Member with the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, a member of the BC Period Poverty Task Force, and an Advisory Member on a number of research and KT projects, including MindMapBC (CGSHE’s REAFFIRM Collaborative), the Trans Health Research Project (CGSHE), Birth Includes Us (UBC’s Birth Place Lab), The Fireweed Project (UVic), and Pride-RX (UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences). Dr. Lowik is a renowned expert in trans-inclusion, having worked with researchers, health care and social service organizations, lawyers and policymakers who are interested in trans-inclusive research and praxis, policy and practice, and legal reform.