Kirstin Kielhold (she/her)

SDSU PhD Student

Kirstin Kielhold (she/her) is a CGSHE-affiliated graduate student under the supervision of CGSHE faculty member, Dr. Shira Goldenberg, in the Joint PhD Program in Public Health at San Diego State and UC San Diego. She has a MS in Global Health from UC San Francisco and her BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley. Her Masters’ capstone research focused on how technology can be used to bridge gaps in sexual health specifically around consent. She has experience teaching health education in 9th grade classes with the Peer Health Exchange organization. Kirstin has also worked at the SF AIDS Foundation and the California Department of Public Health doing harm reduction centered work at syringe exchange sites. She has just begun her PhD program and is excited to become involved in the public health community in San Diego. In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing at the beach and exploring new places with her friends.