Trauma-Informed Support (TRIS) Project

The TRIS Project is a community intervention to provide trauma-informed support to women and gender diverse people who are marginalized and criminalized survivors of gender-based violence. Through survivor engagement, TRIS delivers trauma-informed support that bridges gaps in care for marginalized and criminalized survivors of gender-based violence, including homeless and precariously housed women, low-income mothers, sex workers, women who use drugs, and women living with HIV.

The project works with a diverse team including staff with lived experience of GBV to tailor supports to survivors needs and meet people where they are at. The TRIS project is evaluating the intervention to inform broader Canadian blueprint for action on gender-based violence and trauma-informed care models.

About TRIS


Principal Investigators: Dr. Jill Chettiar; Dr. Kate Shannon   


ATIRA Women’s Resource Society, Sex Workers United Against Violence (SWUAV), Supporting Women’s Alternatives Network (SWAN); Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society (WAHRS)


Federal Ministry of Women and Gender Equality (WAGE)